Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sort of Back to School

Usually this time of year I'm posting about our "Not Back to School" plans, as we fondly call it in the homeschooling community. This year marks a change for the Green Grass House - the kids are in school. At least a little. Maybe more than I am ready for.  Yesterday was their first day at WWA-HSC - a one day a week enrichment to homeschooling offered by JeffCo at a church about 5 minutes from here. Sara has been buzzing with excitement for it for two weeks now - and she had a great first day. Alex has been quite a bit less enthusiastic, but did okay. It's mostly fun, things I can't easily do at home like theater, fitness, some art, science (which we do plenty of, but Sara always wants more) and even a cooking basics that Alex ended up in because his other choices were full. My hopes are that it will give us some structure, which is where I am always lacking - we do so much of our life based on deadlines and flying by the seat of our pants. I spent the day doing long-overdue office work (invoicing, billing, taxes, all the fun stuff ;) and making lessons plans for the next two weeks.
No nice sweet serious studious looking picture like all my friends are posting from my kids *sigh*.
 Peace Out, man!

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Sparklee said...

Peace out, man!

Glad they had a good first day! Hope you all have a great year!