Saturday, June 11, 2016

So many updates!

As always, I'm starting off apologizing for the long time between posts. And as always, I will try to be better, really I will :-) The short version of an update:
  • I'm the mom of a teen now, Sara turned 13 in November!
  • Alex is less than a half inch shorter than me, and will probably pass me this summer (He's 11)
  • The crazy-never-ending-eight-years-and-counting-remodeling project that is the Green Grass House in a nutshell has an end in sight. 
  • We are still homeschooling and homesteading, but have scaled back the work at home quite a bit to keep up with those other two!
  • The family business, Roberts Sales, has grown by leaps and bounds every year for four years running and keeps David good and busy for a good portion of the summer.
  • We have many fun things on our slate for this summer, and I hope to keep up here with sharing them with everyone!