Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh, my, it's been a while!

So sorry, we've been busy, busy and I have completely let this go for the winter! Thanks to the handy-dandy library, and a book about Using Blogger, I will be cleaning this blog up and making a few changes. For one, since I can't manage to keep up with blogs for different pieces of our life, and because they all just roll into one big fat ball of crazy anyway, I'm going to be expanding TGGH into an all purpose life, work, markets, farmin', schoolin', remodelin', jibber-jabberin' place to catch up on all things Zserdin Family. Woohoo!  For now, I'm off to walk the length of the ditch after we turn on the headgates for our area, check on a limping chicken and transplant seedlings into larger pots - sure sounds funny considering we live less than 10 minutes from downtown Denver LOL!