Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Luckily, it isn't all work, all the time

Dad and Charlie taking a little break

Sara's "Rock Museum" collected from all around the yard

A soda break

Soooooo worn out

our work crew ;-)

And believe me, they earn the "work" part of that title every time they are over here!
Mom, Dad, David, Alex, Sara and Kristy eating some pizza!

Our pizza cutter and server that night LOL - I couldn't resist snapping a pic, it just cracked me up for some reason!

More shop

That was several weeks ago, in the meantime, David and Dad have been busy beavers getting walls and roof up - I can't believe how fast they can work together!

They used one of the flatbed trailers from the rental shop to pick up the wood and drywall - yikes, that is a lot of building materials!

Why, yes, that is my dad perching on the top of the trusses there! At least we managed to retire the 4 foot wooden stepladder that was so precarious it was freaking even the grandkids out to see dad and poppa on there!

Who can forget the shop?

Our reason for moving, the single biggest project that needs to be done before the move and actually the thing that is fitting together the smoothest (YAY!) I don't remember the exact date,
but we had the cement foundation poured for us. David and my dad did all the prep work, dug the trench (I think they called it a monolithic slab?? big deep trench around all four sides, less in the middle...) and then had a fantastic customer of theirs from the rental store do the foundation. KW Walker is a gem of a guy, and has some of the most fantastic crew working with him, they were awesome! If I can hunt down a website for him, I'll post it here, but otherwise, if you need concrete work in Denver, feel free to email us for his info!

And it wouldn't be a work event at the Zserdins without food - my mom brought donuts and juice for everyone to munch on, on our fancy sawhorse and scrap door table :-)

Painting is a family project...

well, maybe it shouldn't be, but it has been here. Sara thinks she likes to paint, although it is not always exactly what we would like her to paint. Check out this monster...it took three more coats for that not to show through the paint!
It is amazing how "white" walls turn out not to be very white at all when you start to get a new layer of paint on them! We are going pretty neutral on most of the house - white, glossy for the halls and baths, washable flat for bedrooms and living areas. There are a few exceptions, but for now, just getting it done and moving on is good enough - we have so much on the plate still!

We love you Craigslist....oh, yes we dooooooo!

A tiny ode to Craigslist Denver, from whence comes many random bits of our house. I need to get better pics, and as we actually install things, I will make better notes of where everything came from, but the most useful purchase so far:

This well loved wooden swing set, playhouse and slide combo. In one of those twists of small world coincidence, the gal listing this is actually a member of a Home School Group we are also members of (although we don't attend very regularly yet with the kids being so young still.)

Picking it up in Parker - the kids are already enjoying it before we even moved it!

Proving that nothing can be as easy as it seems - it was much larger than the picture showed! David had to come back down with larger flat bed trailer to pick up the main body.

In its new home, already in use that day! Even Charlie likes it, he can leap to the platform in one jump!

Our "Master" Bath

In quotes because "master bath" to me has always implied it was off a bedroom, and private for just the owners of the bedroom. Ours is off the bedroom, but also off the main hall into the house, from the backyard, that will probably have more traffic than anywhere else in the whole house LOL! Oh, well, it is still going to be a cute bathroom, and means that if we are brushing teeth late at night, it won't be directly across from the kids' rooms like now.

Oddly enough, we weren't in love with the pink and yellow flowers in here, so wallpaper removal was the first line of order. Oh, lordie, I had forgotten how very much fun that is! Kristy, bless her heart, was a trooper about helping, and we had lots of fun giggling at the "steamy shower scene" with the wallpaper steamer and both of us covered in grimy paste and paper shreds.

For some reason, I don't have pics of the in between, but there was pink paint under the wallpaper. It is now a bright glossy white throughout, and next up in here is re-doing the linoleum floor with tile (yet to be picked...)

Yep, it's been over a month...

...since I have blogged *shamefaced*.

I could use the excuse that we have been busy (which is very, very true) or that I kept forgetting to bring the camera back home to download pics (also true) or that Flutterby Designs has been busy and I've been needing to do real work instead of blogging (also true) but really, it is also probably just that I've been too beat to have anything witty to say here! I finally ran myself down enough to catch a nasty summer cold, so I'm home today, all alone :-) and thought I might use a bit of my rest time to catch up a bit. So here goes...