Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer is kicking my hiney.

What a season so far. David has been working at least 65 hours and often many more at the camper shop, so everything around the Green Grass House has landed on the kids and I so far this year. Whew! My aches have aches, and I keep thinking that SURELY with working this hard the scale should be showing some difference, but it isn't, so far.  So, what have we been up to? 

We planted this year - for the first time - the whole of our garden space. Tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, potatoes, garlic, melons, squash, basil, leeks, peppers, lettuce and other things I'm forgetting right now. (Luckily it is all in the garden binder I have been working on - that will be another post, though...)

We curb surfed this rolling counter-cart thingie and are fixing it up to use for a FAC market idea I have buzzing around in my head. Maybe. Someday soon?

We had to tear apart our shower (the only shower in the house, mind you) because of rotting tiles and wall. We knew this when we moved in here, but really, really hoped it would be several years. It did make it five years from move in, but finally bit the dust seven weeks ago. Yes, I said seven weeks ago. What was supposed to be a one week or so project has morphed into one of those projects from hell that is still not done nearly two months later. Sigh. On the bright side, I have new-found appreciation for how much I really like showers after two months of tub bathing. :-)
We work with our two new adoptees quite a bit - they both had some rotten habits from before they came to us. Ruby, on the left, is a muttly little girl, theoretically boxer, but definitely not ALL boxer. She came from Fremont County Humane on foster transfer, but she's our first foster fail -she'll be here for the long haul. She is scared of many things but is getting better all the time. Chester is a boxer from Maxfund, he is mostly standard lunkhead boxer. They were both skinny little things (you could put fingers in between every rib on Chester - he was found hiding under a bush in a park in Denver) that are filling in nicely and just want to be near us all the time.

It isn't all work all the time - more posts later on that - for now I'm off to feed kids!