Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I never re-finish hardwood floors again...

...it really won't make me even a tiny bit sad. Remember the Green Grass carpet that we pulled up? Two bedrooms, hallway, front room and stairs - the front room floor was the best - in good enough shape to just get a light buffing and polyurethane. Everywhere else needed sanding...lots of it. But, hey, they're done, and they turned out pretty well considering how much David and I both really wanted to just be done with them!

Oil based poly REALLY darkens the wood ALOT! We were kinda hoping these would stay lighter, it was a pretty light oak. We learned a bit from this- on the kitchen my brother suggested using water based poly - it does make quite a difference on how much it darkens up.

Happy New Year!

I have so much to catch up on! We have been busy bees working away on the Green Grass House - we did end up taking quite a bit of time away from remodeling work to do "real" work, the Holiday season was not as busy as it has been in the past (darn economy...but that is a whole other post...) but busy enough to keep us hopping a little some weeks and put most everything around the house on hold until the new year.

So first things first - the SHOP IS DONE! Well, has been for quite a while, but since this will be lots of back info, that is the first and foremost. Above pics are the finishing, windows, outside paint, etc, done back in August or so.
Moving in racks, inventory, and most importantly, the embroidery machines... I need to snap pics of the "after" still - might clean it up a bit before I do, though, the shop is a bit of a disaster!