Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally - some shop pictures

Well, sure, we finished the shop last August - it has only taken me a year to have it cleaned up enough to be willing to post pictures :) This is the wonderful 500 square foot shop my dad and David built last summer, from the ground up. We had the foundation done for us by the wonderful guys at KW Walker Concrete, but from that point on, it was all dad and David. They did a gorgeous job, don't you think?

Where I spend a good portion of my work time - the command center - complete with butterfly mug from Rising Sun Earthworks :-)

Looking at the front door - hey, there is sunshine out there!!! Such a nice change from the last 5 years of working in the basement - don't mind my pasty white skin or adverse reaction to sunlight...

View from the front door - heat transfer press, rack of stuff to do, rack of Melissa and DougWhat we affectionately call "the warehouse" - inventory, supplies, shirts, inventory, orders to go out, packaging stuff, lots and lots of inventory...
The girls - our Melco Amaya embroidery machines, Mary and Maya - poor Mary is all torn aprt waiting for a replacement part to come in, so we are running on just one machine right now
Water cooler that we found on Craigslist - it does cold and hot, so I can make my Harvest Moon Chai tea out here in the winter - yay! Also a rack of Aura Cacia oils and scales for shipping.

Just for fun - a before and after - after the boys demolished the old shed and coop
The shop now - ignore the chairs, they are getting ready to be painted and had to move for us to lay the flagstone patio

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