Friday, August 28, 2009

Before and Afters: Classroom

The upstairs here has the fun sloped ceilings and there was a fantastic built in desk and tile floors that remind me exactly of one of my classrooms at Lakewood High School (built in the 50's I believe, so fits right in with this house LOL!) It was just natural that this room become the classroom for our homeschooling - lots of light, next to the playroom, desks and storage - yay! I realized while I was working on this entry that we don't have good pictures of the before, darn it. Basically, we didn't change much here - repainted a brighter yellow and left the desk brown, the tile was fun, and is perfect for paint, clay and the other messes that happen here - so it was just scrubbed up. We installed a ceiling fan, partly for air (because, holy cats, it gets hotter than the hubs up here during the summer!!) and partly for better lighting. David ran cable lines in for the computer, I packed in a ton of supplies and books that had been all over the house before and voila, work space!

Before - just started painting

You can just barely see the floor in this shot - and one of my very old paint shirts - I think I have 17 different types of paints on there from previous houses and the apartments we managed...
Midway through - my mom made these beautiful seersucker curtains that perfectly match the brown and taupes in the desk, tile, walls and ceiling fan - yay, mom!!
Today - desk, computer, map, penny saver, growth charts, cupboard and drawers
These cool old desks were at my grandmother's house - super cool find! Bookshelves, posters, and of course, the easel with a scary forest Sara drew...nope, my kid's not warped AT ALL ;)
my ham of a daughter is in every picture I was trying to take in here, the little turkey...other side - bulletin boards, calender, more posters, rocking horse with two cheeseballs on it...and the door to the Hidey Hole - next entry!!

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Gene said...

Amazing looking classroom space. Nice job!