Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long time, no updates...

I'm justifying the lack of updates by the sheer and complete insanity that life here has been the last several months, but that is a crummy reason - I could have been here blogging instead of dinking about on Facebook some nights :-)

So - in a nutshell, been working: on house, on business, at Roberts Sales' business, at schooling, at trying to stay on top of things...working away LOL! We've done a fair bit more on pieces of the house, have the shop to a fairly good point, and are tackling outside things when the crazy CO weather this year cooperates - we had 7 weekends in a row of rain that slowed down a lot of projects, and launched us straight from rainy muck to 90+ degrees, which I like even less to work in. But I digress....

I think I am going to just do lots of before and afters to catch up a bit on what we have been up to - quick and to the point! So, I'll snag pictures of some of the fun projects, and not so fun ones and get them up here in the next few days.

For now, I leave you with this little smile - we have our first chicken eggs! We joined the ranks of other urban chicken farmers in May and have 7 bantam girls - the kids, of course, named them all, so pictures and names will be forthcoming. Two are white with gray and lay light blue eggs, the other 5 lay various shades of tan and brown.

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chipoosheet said...

So where are the updates and pics then?????? I love to see what you've been doing, all very interesting and something I'd love to do, one day. Keep up the fantastic work!