Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I never re-finish hardwood floors again...

...it really won't make me even a tiny bit sad. Remember the Green Grass carpet that we pulled up? Two bedrooms, hallway, front room and stairs - the front room floor was the best - in good enough shape to just get a light buffing and polyurethane. Everywhere else needed sanding...lots of it. But, hey, they're done, and they turned out pretty well considering how much David and I both really wanted to just be done with them!

Oil based poly REALLY darkens the wood ALOT! We were kinda hoping these would stay lighter, it was a pretty light oak. We learned a bit from this- on the kitchen my brother suggested using water based poly - it does make quite a difference on how much it darkens up.


Jenni said...

The floors look great.

I think I sanded our floors for days. Well I guess I did we rented the sander for a week.

Brenda and the crew said...

Thanks so much! Yep, days on days, I'm still finding random edges (like the bathroom window) that are covered in sawdust that I didn't notice to clean up after LOL!