Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who can forget the shop?

Our reason for moving, the single biggest project that needs to be done before the move and actually the thing that is fitting together the smoothest (YAY!) I don't remember the exact date,
but we had the cement foundation poured for us. David and my dad did all the prep work, dug the trench (I think they called it a monolithic slab?? big deep trench around all four sides, less in the middle...) and then had a fantastic customer of theirs from the rental store do the foundation. KW Walker is a gem of a guy, and has some of the most fantastic crew working with him, they were awesome! If I can hunt down a website for him, I'll post it here, but otherwise, if you need concrete work in Denver, feel free to email us for his info!

And it wouldn't be a work event at the Zserdins without food - my mom brought donuts and juice for everyone to munch on, on our fancy sawhorse and scrap door table :-)

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