Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We love you Craigslist....oh, yes we dooooooo!

A tiny ode to Craigslist Denver, from whence comes many random bits of our house. I need to get better pics, and as we actually install things, I will make better notes of where everything came from, but the most useful purchase so far:

This well loved wooden swing set, playhouse and slide combo. In one of those twists of small world coincidence, the gal listing this is actually a member of a Home School Group we are also members of (although we don't attend very regularly yet with the kids being so young still.)

Picking it up in Parker - the kids are already enjoying it before we even moved it!

Proving that nothing can be as easy as it seems - it was much larger than the picture showed! David had to come back down with larger flat bed trailer to pick up the main body.

In its new home, already in use that day! Even Charlie likes it, he can leap to the platform in one jump!

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