Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I really need to do this more often than every 6 months...

So, here goes - massive catch up post! Since February, what all have we done around this crazy place? Well...

We moved the chicken coop forward about 4 feet so that we could add a fully enclosed day run on the back side because we lost 6 of our girls to fox during the spring.

We had our first ever "raised by mama hen" chick hatch on Mother's Day - dubbed Little Peep, she has grown into a feisty little pullet!

 We won a loafing shed from Tuff Shed - how cool is that??

We added some new girls to the flock - Norwegian Jaerhorns - the group of them are inseparable, and like perching anywhere they can be all together.

We started on the basement remodel - sort of - and then entirely shelved it for the rest of the summer.

We had a visitor - the chickens were NOT impressed with him coming by so frequently - in this case, on the fence about 10 feet from the coop.

We got pretty and cute little bantam eggs from our girls - yum!

It wasn't all work, even though it seems like it sometimes...

Valentine's Day at our church

Orange cranberry, banana and chocolate chip pumpkin breads

Homemade veggie and chevre pizza

Sometimes we even leave the house! More to follow...

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