Friday, August 15, 2008

Cardboard Counter Experiment

The kitchen has been the single biggest source of frustration, as they always are, I'm sure. One of the problems we have there is that it is in the middle of the house without much light - we figured out a solution I think - it's a bit unique but hey, everything we do usually ends up a little unique ;-) We are cutting a window into the wall here, but to leave it as an open window would mean that the kitchen would be open all the time to the formal front room (not so nice when we decide to blow off doing the dishes lol!) so we are putting in a vinyl shutter, on its side, to make it "closable". Thanks to Habit for Humanity Denver, this funny little project cost us $12 for the shutter and $10 in sawzall blades (poor sawzall - plaster is hard on blades!)
The other thing we are debating on for the kitchen is an island, a counter, a peninsula, something to add more counter space and give a little bit of a division between "kitchen" and "dining room". Some brilliant person on Houseblogs (I can't remember who!) had made countertops and cupboards from cardboard to test their layout and we copied their idea with our cardboard counter/island. Oddly enough, it double as a fantastic "den" for Sara and Alex, and she took great pains to decorate all of the outside with signs and hieroglyphic symbols about them living there ;-)

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