Friday, April 25, 2008

soooooo far behind!

I'm woefully far behind on updating here, we have been crazy busy! Mother Nature is seeing fit to give us wild and wacky weather extremes (70 degree days followed by 30 degrees and snow *sigh*) so we are grabbing time to work on the outside shop and prepping for concrete work whenever the weather is being good for it! To add to it, I've had more business for Flutterby Designs in the last couple weeks that is keeping us hopping, too. I've got gobs of pictures to load up and lots to tell you all - hopefully over the weekend I will have a chance to do so!


Aimee "Roo" said...

Sounds like we are having the same crazy weather! It was snowing like mad yesterday afternoon, and today is sunny (but cold). Ah yes, mountain living. :)

Brenda and the crew said...

It is NUTTY to the extreme - on one of my one-line groups that has gals from all across the US, we have determined that Mother Nature has PMS - it is the only way to explain the mood swing LOL!!!